The New Fitness Power Moves

CORE – BALANCE – STRENGTH.  These are 3 things that you need in order to master the new fitness power moves that are inspired by some pilates, yoga, martial arts, core balance exercises and strength.  In order to be a part of this new fitness movement, according to Details Magazine, one must increase their strength and balance and combine strength and skill in order to accomplish these incredible movements and exercises.  Requiring more than muscle to master, it’s all about leverage, core strength and balance.  Here are the new fitness power moves.  Are you able to master these?


The Eight-Angle Pose Power Move

Sit with legs in diamond shape in front of you, soles of feet together. Lift and cradle right calf in front of chest with both arms, elbows bent, palms facing body, foot flexed. Grab right heel with right hand, left hand under right calf, and lift and hook right leg over right shoulder. Place left palm on floor outside of left leg and press into floor to lift butt slightly, then place right palm on floor in front of you. Lift left leg and cross left ankle over right, feet flexed. Use abs to lift butt and torso slightly forward, straightening legs out to right side.


And if you are not ready to do the Eight Angle Pose right now, you can get your arm balance ready by practising these following 3 moves.


Bicycle Crunch

Lie face-up, right leg extended about 3 inches off floor, left knee bent 90 degrees, hands behind head, right elbow touching left knee. Moving slowly and with control, switch sides, rotating torso to right, extending left leg out in front of you and bending right leg 90 degrees, touching left elbow to right knee for 1 rep. Do 10 reps slowly. Repeat 3 times.



Start in downward-facing dog, then lower forearms to floor, elbows directly under shoulders, and walk feet in a few inches toward head, pressing heels toward floor. Hold for 3 breaths, then lower knees to floor to relax. Repeat 3 times.


Single Knee Plank

Start in downward-facing dog, then lift right leg to ceiling (three-legged dog), keeping hips facing forward. Shift forward to plank pose, bringing right knee into chest, back slightly rounded, palms pressing body away from floor, abs engaged, toes pointed. Hold for 3 breaths, then press back into three-legged dog. Repeat 5 times.


This article was originally published in Details Magazine in the June/July 2013 issue.  All images are courtesy of Details Magazine and cannot be reproduced!  Thank you.

FITNESS > Single Arm Floor Press > Chest & Triceps Workout

Sick and tired of your regular chest workout?  Do you fall into the bench press syndrome?  Cable exercises and push-ups not working anymore?

Here’s a new and improved workout for your chest and triceps (called the Single Arm Floor Press) that not only work out both of these muscle groups, but can also be used for: muscle toning, muscle building and core training.

In other words, it’s a 3 in 1 exercise that allows you to change your routine and blast your muscles.


* picture from Men’s Fitness | Photography by: D Snipes


Single-Arm Floor Press (shown above)


Muscles shocked: chest, triceps, core

Sets: 3 to 4

Reps: 10 to 12 per arm

Rest period: 30 to 45 seconds

How to:

Hold a dumbbell in one hand as you lie on your back on the floor or mat.  Then, you should tuck your elbow to your side and turn your palm so it faces inward (may feel a bit awkward at first).  Make sure that your triceps are resting on the floor. Lastly, press the weight over your chest, and return to the first position.  Repeat until you’ve completed the reps.

Tips for the Single Arm Floor Press

Make sure that you have the positioning correct (see above for ‘how to’). When laying on the floor, make sure that your back is comfortably pressed against the floor. When pressing the weight over your chest, do it in a fluid and slow manner. Each rep should take at least 2 seconds for the press and 2 seconds to return back to the original position (4 sec reps). Try to keep all other body parts stationary.