10 Power Affirmation Words for Confidence


Some of the best power affirmations are those that will give you confidence in everything you do.  Power affirmations are there for you to memorize and repeat with confidence every day until it becomes part of you.  They should be repeated during periods of calm and periods of crisis.  The more you master these power affirmations, the happier and healthier you will become both physically and mentally.




10 Power Affirmation Words for Confidence


These 10 power affirmation words for a boost in confidence compiled by Farnoosh on Prolific Living.  We highly recommend that you study, read and follow her blog .. there is a lot of useful information!


1. TRUST: I trust myself. I trust in my decisions. I trust in my direction in life. I trust in my heart. I trust in my work.

2. FAITH: I have faith in myself. I have faith in the universe. I have faith in doing the right thing. I have faith in my abilities.

3. STRENGTH: I feel my own strength. I have all the strength I need. I am strength.

4. COURAGE: I have courage. I move forward with courage. I feel courage in my heart.

5. CHOICE: I always have a choice. I have the power of choice. I exercise my choice.

6. WISDOM: I have inner wisdom. I trust my wisdom to guide me. I respect and heed my own wisdom.

7. TRUTH: I speak my truth. I live my truth. I honor my truth. I listen to my truth.

8. SUPPORT: I have support. I am blessed with lots of support. I am not alone; support surrounds me.

9. ENERGY: I have energy flowing through me. I walk and talk with energy. I do my work with energy.

10. LOVE: I am love. I have love. I feel love. I believe in love. Love guides me. Love carries me through this life. Love is with me always.