Google Search Results now add USDA Nutrition Info on Popular Foods

Google nutritional info cards for food searches are now available for more than 1,000 of the most popular foods and meals in the United States!  Released on Thursday, May 30, 2013, the updated Google Search app and online search results will provide users with a user friendly nutrition and calorie info in response to food and nutrition related queries.


Google USDA Nutrition Info added to food related Google search results pages


Rolling out in the next 2 weeks, Google Search results now include USDA nutrition info on popular meals and foods.  So if you are curious as to how many calories there are in an avocado or banana … or if you’re interested in calories in full meals such as chow mein or burritos, Google Search will give you USDA nutritional details at the top of their results page.  As part of the new Google question-and-answer interface for search results, internet users can easily get information for some basic nutrition information in a visual way.  Earlier in May 2013, Google launched it’s new Google I/O feature which allows mobile device and computer users to click on a microphone icon to say and hear their queries and answers.

The Google USDA Nutrition Info on popular foods is generated through Google Knowledge Graph (a database that catalogues and brings in verified information from the web).  Between Google I/O and the new Google question-and-answer interface, users can find information faster and easier than before.  Not only that but the USDA Nutrition Information in Google Search results will also be ‘smart’.  The smart features include ‘related’ search results … For example, if you searched ‘apples nutrition info’, The Google Search results will give you a drop down list of USDA nutrition information on various types of apples like ‘granny smith apples nutrition’ and ‘red delicious apples nutrition’.  This way, you can also find and search for related topics very easily and quickly.

The USDA nutritional information is displayed in Google’s very well known and easier to read ‘card interface’.  The Google nutrition info is displayed at the top of your search results in both mobile and desktop search results pages.  The initial roll-out will include various fruits, vegetables, whole foods, meats and even complete meals.  The Google info card interface is very attractive and clean.  You’ll be able to get nutritional information very quickly and from anywhere in the world (although the audible search is only available in English during this initial roll-out).


USDA Nutrition on Google Food Related Search Results on Mobile and Desktop


Google Nutrition Info Drawbacks?

The drawbacks that we see here is that not all complete meals are the same.  For example, a home made burger is completely different in terms of composition and nutritional information when compared to a burger from a fast food chain.  Or, a chocolate bar that is 50% cacao has different nutrients when compared against one that is 80% cacao and contains nuts and fruits.  In addition, what is the accuracy of the Google Knowledge Graph at this point in time?  And what if it returns inaccurate nutrition info?  Probably best to use with caution during this initial launch as Google Nutrition Info from the USDA and Knowledge Graph will certainly be scrutinized by all users in the coming months.


New Google question-and-answer interface allows users to search for USDA Nutritional Information on Google Search Pages


USDA Nutrition Info on Google Search Pages > Our Summary

As of the end of May 2013, USDA nutrition info for over 1,000 popular foods has been added to the Google Search results through Google Knowledge Graph.  It also works with the new audible question-and-answer interface for both desktop and mobile food related searches.  Google Nutritional information results will appear throughout the US over the next 10 days.  The audible question and answer interface for Google nutrition info is only available in English but other languages will be added very soon.


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