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The Just Add Good Stuff INFOGRAPHIC SERIES introduces our Mint Infographic. We hope you like it!




Just Add Mint! Known from antiquity, mint is an aromatic herb with many curative properties. There’s a lot more to mint than fresheners, candy, tooth paste & inhalers! See below for more mint uses! Here is the Just Add Good Stuff Mint Infographic:


Just Add Good Stuff Mint Infographic detailing the health benefits in a visual way


TOP 10 Health Benefits of Mint as described in the Just Add Good Stuff Mint Infographic:

  1. effective pain reliever for headaches & migraines
  2. mint alleviates gastrointestinal problems like indigestion
  3. antiseptic & antibacterial properties used to treat cuts & burns
  4. mint acts as a topical treatment of acne and acne scars
  5. alleviates arthritis pain, insect sting irritation and eczema
  6. mint improves bad breath and alleviates diarrhea and bloating
  7. natural treatment of the common cold and flu
  8. mint is used as a decongestant with antiviral properties
  9. used in treatment of menstrual cramps
  10. mint helps treat the hiccups


Mint Nutrition Facts as described on our Mint Infographic

  • Serving Size = 2 tbps
  • Calories = 2
  • Calories from Fat = 0 g
  • Total Fat = 0.03 g
  • Cholesterol = 0 mg
  • Sodium = 1 mg
  • Potassium = 18 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate = 0.48 g
  • Dietary Fiber = 0.3 g
  • Sugars = 0 g
  • Protein = 0.12 g
  • Vitamin A = 3% RDI
  • Vitamin C = 2% RDI
  • Calcium = 1% RDI
  • Iron = 1% RDI


Healthy Mint Recipes on our Mint Infographic

  1. Organic Mango Mint smoothie
  2. Organic Mint Ice Cubes
  3. Raw Cacao Mint cookies

* All of our recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan! Click here for more recipes!


Things You May Not Know About Mint as described on our Mint Infographic

  • Mint gets its name from MENTHE, a Greek mythical character
  • The mint herb is native to temperate areas of Europe, Asia & Africa
  • Mint can be VERY INVASIVE, so grow in containers or buckets
  • There are >30 TYPES & each smells/tastes different
  • The US produces 70% of the world’s peppermint & spearmint
  • Mint OIL is recovered by distilling using steam
  • Mint has been found in Egyptian tombs from as far back as 1000 BC
  • Rats & mice dislike the smell and taste of mint!
  • Peppermint is the #1 selling flavor among non-chocolate hard candies


The Just Add Good Stuff Mint infographic (we also call it our dark chocolate infograph) talks about general facts and nutritional details. For more info about the health benefits and nutritional information, please contact us and we will find out more from licensed dieticians and medical science professionals. It is our goal to provide the best information possible and to help inspire you to become more healthy through diet, nutrition and fitness. The Mint infographic will be updated whenever necessary, as studies and clinical research provides us with more insight into the health benefits of Mint which would affect our Top 10 beets health benefits. In addition, we constantly experiment with uses of dark chocolate in various dishes, so our recipes will also reflect that. Lastly, if we find any more interesting facts and figures about beets in general, we will also update the ‘Did You Know?’ section of our Just Add Good Stuff Mint Infographic.

The information on this infographic is for informational purposes only.
It is not intended to nor should it be a substitute for advice, consultation or visits to your health care provider.
‘Nutrition Facts’ provided by and verified by Just Add Good Stuff.

The Ultimate SUPERFOOD for Exercise & Training!

If you are looking for a great training superfood, look no further than a common ingredient in smoothies and healthy dishes. GINGER is a great superfood for exercise and training, whether you are in the quest for a winning triathlon or increasing your strength. Often, ginger is the forgotten superfood but here is why you should add ginger to your nutritional diet when embarking on any cardio or weight training routine.


CLICK HERE for the Just Add Good Stuff GINGER Infographic with ginger health benefits, interesting facts and nutritional value.


The ginger root is actually native to South Asia, but it’s a popular flavor in drinks and foods all across the world. No doubt, ginger is a superfood. But, as an athlete or a fitness addict, you may wonder what the true benefits of ginger are to your health and exercise routine. The ginger root contains many powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that are commonly referred to as gingerols. These anti-inflammatory gingerols in the ginger superfood have been proven to reduce the formation of free radicals including nitric oxide during training and rest periods. So what does that mean to you? The evidence supports that gingerols and other anti-inflammatory agents actually not only prevent inflammation, but also inhibit the production of inflammatory compounds in your body.




As a result of the gingerol ginger superfood properties, athletes and trainers feel less pain when working out. Therefore, the ginger root actually serves as a natural pain reliever through it’s anti-inflammatory agents. This is especially good when considering traditional pain relievers such as Aspirin and Tylenol come with a host of negative side effects. According to Jim White, R.D. and the Journal of Pain, the ginger superfood also delays the onset of muscle soreness during a training period as well as at rest state, thereby promoting better health and results. The latest studies also show that the maximum effect of these gingerols in the ginger superfood occurs about 24 hours AFTER ginger consumption, which is very interesting.

In 2012, the Metabolism Journal which is published at Columbia University also discovered that the ginger superfood can help in weight loss or weight maintenance too. During this study by notable research scientists, people who consumed 2 grams of powdered ginger reported that they felt MORE FULL 3 hours later than those that did not consumer the ginger root. By feeling fuller, those who consumed this amount of ginger superfood were able to maintain their weight better and in some cases, even lose weight during the process.


CLICK HERE for the Just Add Good Stuff GINGER Infographic with ginger health benefits, interesting facts and nutritional value.


As mentioned above, ginger is native to South Asia (which many people don’t know). However, luckily for all of us, ginger root is available year round throughout the world. Most ginger varieties have a brown skin and yellow flesh, but you can also buy local ginger root with white or red meat. Whatever you choose, the best option is non-GMO organic ginger superfood. This will give you the best and most nutrients. The recommended daily intake is 2-4 grams per day. According to the USDA, one serving of ginger contains only 5 calories and no fat.