Infographic of the day: Grass Fed Beef vs Grain Fed/Grass Finished Beef




We are all vegans at Just Add Good Stuff. However, we don’t judge people who chose to eat meat. If you wish to continue to eat beef, here are some guidelines



What’s the Difference between Grass Fed Beef vs Grain Fed/Grass Finished Beef?

Grass Fed Beef = cattle roam free on a pasture & eat only grass

Grain Fed/Grass Finished Beef = Cattle confined in feed lots & eat mostly grain


What’s the Difference between Nutrition Profiles?

Grass fed beef is leaner and juicer, thanks to higher moisture content in addition to having more omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B6 and beta-carotene.  Also, grass fed beef has as little as 140 calories per serving plus lower cholesterol.

Grain-fed or grass finished beef is more greasy and not as juice.  Plus, it’s ‘fattened up’ on a variety of grain or corn by-products that are not healthy and highly refined.  Regular consumption is not recommended as part of a healthy diet because there is higher cholesterol levels.


Source: American Grassfed Association